Menstrual Health Awareness

Rotarians are People of Action. We identify issues faced by our own community and we take steps to formulate solutions for it.

扶轮社员是采取行动的人。我们鉴定社区面对的问题并作出相应的应对方法。Our members comprising of PP Daven and his father, PP Tan Seow Ming and his sister Annie Tan embarked on their journey this morning to distribute sanitary provisions sponsored by AEON Foundation and well wishers and our club members to 7 SJK(T) around the state of Melaka. PP Devan 和他的父亲还有PP 陈晓明和他的妹妹Annie今天浩浩荡荡的带着AEON Foundation以及社友赞助的个人卫生用品物资从市区出发到马六甲州郊外的7所淡米尔文小学。

Empowering girls is our mission today as we are sending sanitary pads, nutritional beverages, face masks and sanitizers to the 7 schools for their distribution to the needy school girls when school resume. 扶助弱势的女生是我们这次服务项目的重点。我们送出了卫生巾、营养饮料、口罩还有搓手液等物资到州内7家淡米尔文小学,让校方能够在开学时将物资移交的有需要的小朋友手上。Join our trip by clicking on the link below to see where they have traveled and how our small little efforts in identifying the needs of our community and take action to address it can make our community better for everyone.