Sarawak Society for the Deaf (SSD) Sponsor Booklet

Sarawak Society for the Deaf is a non-profit charitable organisation under the Sarawak Welfare Council. The organisation’s funding needs are met by generosity of the public and the government to carry out activities and projects throughout the years.

The Sarawak Society for the Deaf (SSD) has been impacted by the Covid-19 as have so many welfare organisations and members of the public. We are making an appeal using a sponsorship booklet for fund raising, so we can continue to run our projects to assist our Deaf members.

The SSD Sponsor Booklet will be conducted from April to June 2021.  You can give booklets to your friends to help raise funds for the Society.  The “Encourage Deaf” Development Fund will be used for the Deaf to develop their skills as Artists, Graphic Designers, Accountants, support independence of small businesswomen and worthwhile endeavours. Deaf and hearing people are the same. The only difference is the deaf cannot hear.